Can I create my own mailing lists in Google Apps?

Contact Groups

Yes, you can create contact groups by accessing your Google Apps contacts picker, and then creating a New Group. Your contact group then appears in your personal contacts manager under Contacts in Google Apps.

  1. Click Gmail at the top-left corner of your Gmail page, then choose Contacts.

Google gmail menu

2. Select New group. (You may need to click on Groups to see this option.)

 Google contacts menu

3. Enter a new group name in the text box, and then click Create group.
4. Then click on the Add person icon to add a contact to the group.

 Google add contact icon

5. You may add a person to the group at any time when you are viewing the group. 


Learn More at Google Help Center

Creating Contact Groups


2017-05-25 16:57 Ronny Benrstein
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