How do I reduce the size of the pictures in PowerPoint?

You can compress the images in your PowerPoint to reduce its file size.


  1. In the PowerPoint file, double click the image you want to reduce.
  2. A Format ribbon will open and give you further options
  3. In the Adjust tab of the Format ribbon, select Compress Pictures.

  4. In the Compress Pictures pop-up, you can select to Apply only to this picture, or uncheck that option to compress all pictures in the PowerPoint presentation.

  5. When this process is done, save your PowerPoint presentation.


Sometimes this will not compress your PowerPoint file enough, and it is recommended that you save it as a PDF file. Instructions can be found in this FAQ: /faq/faq/index.php?action=artikel&cat=33&id=286


2017-05-26 15:20 Josh
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