How do I download and install the Shoretel Communicator?

If you have not yet installed the Shoretel Communicator software here are the instructions. If you have any questions, please contact the OTS Helpdesk at x1234.

Download and Installation Steps

Begin by clicking on following link:

  1. Click on Click Here to install Shoretel Communicator.
    Click here to install
  2. Click on Run.
    Click on run

  3. Close Outlook when prompted.
    Close outlook

  4. Click Next.
    Wizard install, continue click next

  5. Select I accept and click Next.
    License agreement, click next

  6. Click Next.
    Installation warning, click next

  7. Click Next.
    Destination folder, click next

  8. Click Install.
    Begin, click Install

  9. Click Finish.
    Wizard complete, click finish

  10. Locate ShoreTel Communicator from the desktop icon or the programs menu by clicking on the Start/ Circle Button.
    • If you see the following prompt, click Ignore
      If you see this, select ignore
  11. Click Next.
    Getting started wizard

  12. Enter SRVPHONE01 for the Server Name.
    • Check the Use Windows Credentials checkbox.
    • Click Next
      Check “Use Windows Credentials check box.  Click Next

  13. Click Next.
    Login success to server, click Next

  14. Check the Start Shoretel Communicator checkbox.
    • Click Finish

Connect Your Voicemail to Your Email

To Configure your voicemail to be sent to your email, follow these steps 1 & 2.


  1. Start ShoreTel Communicator from your desktop.
    • Click Tools
    • Then click Options
      Click Tools | Options
  2. Go to the Voice Mail settings.
    • Change the Notification delivery option to Email Wav file
    • Click OK
      Option for emailing wave file
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