How do I scan documents and make a .pdf?

These instructions are for the Gabriele Library scanner but work for any scanning computer with Adobe Acrobat Professional.

1 Make sure the scanner is on. The power button should glow blue:Round ON/OFF button for scanner

2 Place document on bed of scanner face down and justified to the arrow in the upper right corner: (the arrow may be hard to see because it's the same color as the scanner)Black on black arrow



3 Close scanner cover

4 Open Adobe Acrobat. It may also be found in the Windows menu (windows menu icon) under Adobe CS. If it's not there, check the Student Applications folder.

Acrobat red A symbol on white

5 Click Create and select PDF from Scanner and Grayscale Document. (You may have to click the File menu to reveal the Create option.)

Acrobat Pro Create menu


6 After item has scanned, click either:

  • Scan more pages and change document on scanner
  • Or Scan is Complete if you are finished scanning your documents

scanning complete selection

7 Save, Choose a location to save, and name your document

2017-05-12 21:36 Frank Keating
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