How do I move quiz questions into another category?

Sometimes questions will not be placed in the correct categories and you can move them into the categories that would be the most helpful.


  1. Log into your course.
  2. In the Administration block, click on Question bank.
    Figure: Administration block with arrow pointing to Question bank link.
  3. In the question bank, find the questions you would like to move. You may have to select a different category to find your questions.
                 Figure: Question bank menu with arrow pointing to category pulldown menu.
  4. In place a checkbox in the boxes of the questions that are going to be moved to another category.
  5. In the With selected section use the dropdown menu to select the new category for these questions.
  6. Click the Move to>> button.
    Figure: Question bank with arrows pointing to question select check boxes, with selected pulldown, and Move to button.


2017-05-16 20:54 Josh
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