How do I use the HTML (text) editor menu?

Moodle has a standard text editor toolbar that serves as an HTML interface. Many of the icons on the tool bar can be found on most text editing (word processing) programs and assists the user in entering content. Below is a graphic describing how to expand the the menu and and its icons.

Collapsed and Expanded Views

The editor first appears with just one row of buttons. Clicking the icon top left will expand it to three rows.


 Edit and design your label with text and/or images.

  • If you are importing text from Microsoft Word use the Paste from Word button. A window will open where you can paste the text.
    Image: Text editor
  • To import a picture, use the Insert/edit image button.
    Image: Text editor with arrow pointing to insert/edit image button.

Note: Hover over each icon for a brief description.

Moodle Autosave Feature in ATTO Text Editor

If you are using the ATTO HTML editor and not the TinyMCE, after 60 seconds the Text typed into the html editor is automatically saved even if you leave the page. If the browser is accidentally closed or without submitting the form the text in the editor will be restored next time he opens the page. To discard a restored draft, Cancel the form or press the Undo button in the editor.

Autosave Text editor

View the video below to learn more about:

Using the HTML Editor in Moodle


More information about the ATTO editor can be found here:

More information about the TinyMCE editor can be found here:

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