How do I reply to a forum in Moodle?


Reply to a Forum

  1. Navigate to the forum, and select the subject of the topic to which you will be replying.
    screenshot of forum

  2. Once you have opened the discussion thread, enter the subject heading of your reply, and type your response. When done, click the Submit button.

  3. Manage your subscription to the forum post. If you are subscribed to a forum it means you will receive email copies of forum posts. Sometimes subscription is forced by the instructor so that everyone receives an email copy of the forum posts.

  4. You may opt to add an attachments to a forum post. If you attach an image, it will be displayed after the message.

  5. Select Post to forum or Submit to upload your post to Moodle.

NOTE: Students will not have permission to post to a Course Announcements forum, therefore students will not have a Reply or Add select a new topic button.

View the video below to learn more about:

Posting to a Dicussion Forum

2017-05-11 22:25 Josh Bruck
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