How do I drop the lowest quiz or grade item in the Moodle gradebook?




Dropping the Lowest Grade in a Category

  • To drop the lowest grades in a grade item type, the grade item types must be in the same category. For example, all of the quizzes will need to be in a quiz category, or all of the assignments will need to be in an assignment category.
  • If using Natural Weighting, each of the graded activities in the affected category will need to be worth the same amount of points as the other grade items in that category.


1. In the administration block, select Grades.

Administration Block with arrow pointing to grades category


2. Click on the Setup tab.
3. In the category you want to edit, click Edit.

Grade administration page with arrows pointing to Setup tab and Edit category option


4. Click Edit settings.

Edit settings menu

5. In the Grade category, click Show more…

Grade category with arrow pointing to Show more

6. In the text entry box, next to Drop the lowest, decide how many of the lowest grades should be excluded for each student in that category.

7. Click Save changes to save this setting.

Grade category with arrows pointing to Drop the lowest text entry box and Save changes.

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