How do I post a link to a website in a forum post?

Creating a Hyperlink in a Forum

1. Copy the URL address of the website you want to link.

2. Go to the forum discussion where you want to post a link to another website.

3. Click Use advanced editor if the option is available.

Forum post before selecting advanced editor

4. Type your forum post.

5. Select/highlight the text you wish to link.

6. Click the Insert/edit link button in the HTML editor. Note that this button will be grayed out until you select the text you wish to link.

Screenshot of advanced editor with arrows pointing to Insert/Edit link.

7. In the Link URL box, paste the URL of the website page you want to share.


8. In Target, choose Open in new window.

9. Click the Insert button.

Screenshot of hyperlink properties

10. When you are done posting, click Post to forum.

11. Now, when people read your post, they can click on the link and be sent directly to another web page.

2017-05-15 22:09 Josh
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