How do I give feedback on an assignment using the Moodle .pdf Annotation tool?


Viewing Assignment Submissions

  1.  In your course, click on the Assignment.

  2. Select Grade.

  3. Begin reviewing, commenting, marking up the .pdf using the Moodle annotation tools.
    • Use the drop down menu jump pages or select the arrows to go the next or previous page.
      Advance pages in editor
    • Search Comments search comments icon
      • Search through the documents to locate a previously written comment.
      • Students will have the capability when reviewing your feedback. 
        Search comments
    • Text Comments Button make comments
      • Add comments to the page in the form of the text box. You may change the color of the background of the text box
    • Stamps
      • Quickly provide feedback throughout the document with ready made stamps.
        stamps available
    • Quicklist Comments
      • Add a comment to the quick list.
      • Re-use items from your quicklist throughout the review of the document.
      • For ex. "good job", "check grammar", "spelling" etc...
        Quicklist of comments
  4. Grade the assignment and leave your overall comment in the feedback area.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save changes or Save and show next if you have another student to view.


This 1¼ minute video presents the Assignment Grading page and PDF mark-up tool in Moodle.


2017-05-23 22:43 Josh Bruck
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