How do I set up weighting in the Moodle Gradebook?


Weighting for Assignments and Gradebook Categories

    1. Locate the Admnistration block, under Course Administration and click Grades.

    2. Under the Setup tab select Gradebook setup.

    3. While viewing the categories and items, the weights of each grade item and category are visible in the weights column.
      •   The natural weight of a grade item is displayed as a percent relative to other grade items in the same category.
      •   The natural weights of remaining items are changed to compensate for items that are overridden.
      •   The natural weight of a category is displayed as a percent relative to other categories in the same course.
      •   The natural weights of remaining categories are changed to compensate for categories that are overridden.
      Learn more about Natural Weights
    4. You may override the weight of a Grade item or Category by selecting the checkbox in the Weight column and by assigning a desired weight.

      • If the weights are not overridden by selecting them, then they are simply for informational purposes, to inform the instructor what the relative weights of the items are.
        Weights column
    5. Although natural aggregation is recommended for managing weights, you may also consider the Weighted Mean aggregation method.
    6. In the Grade category section, you may have to click Show more... to view all the options.
    7. In the Aggregation pulldown menu, select the weighting method most appropriate to your course.
      Determine aggregation
      To learn more about aggregate types visit: Category Aggregation


  1. Click Save changes.
    Save changes

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Using Moodle Gradebook

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