How do I know which activities to use in Moodle?

The activities you choose will always be determined by your learning objective and the type of communication/ participatory experience you wish your students to engage in.

As a result ATS offers online and regularly scheduled live/ hybrid Moodle Trainings to help you discover the Moodle activity tools available. Through our trainings and learning resources you will meaningfully reflect on your course technology needs while gaining guidance from peer faculty and academic technology professionals.

ATS Training Registration:

Use the Training Reservation form to sign up for Faculty & Staff Development sessions.


Below are some FAQs and general descriptions of online activites available in Moodle.

Assignments - Receive, grade, and return papers including the uploading and of document files using Assignments.

Forums -
Hold archived and interactive class discussions and answer questions in a forum.

Wikis -
Create a collaborative document or monitor group work with a Wiki.

Glossary -
Provide definitions to key terms OR require students to define key terms in a Glossary for a grade.

Lesson -
Require viewing of some slides and intersperse them with questions to check knowledge.

Quiz -
Conduct online quizzes and tests that are automatically graded.


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