How do I see all posts by a single student in a single forum?

In Moodle there is a quick way to search for all the posts completed by a single participant in the course.


Searching Discussion Posts

  1. Enter a discussion in your course by clicking on the forum.
  2. Then click in the Search forums box. Don't type anything in the search box and click the [Enter] key on your keyboard.

  3. Click Advanced search...
  4. Type in your criteria for searching the discussion forums.
    advanced forum searching

Searching For A Student

  1. If you wanted to see all original posts and replies by an individual student for one forum, you can type the user's name in the last field This name should match the author.

  2. Type in their last name, or if you are sure there's only one, their first. In this example, we wanted posts by Lisa in a single forum called "Topic 3 DQ#2".
    search terms

  3. Now click Search forums.
    • You will see a list of posts by that single person.
    • Rate each to post (Average rating method)
    • Or, read all and give a rating for the original post (highest grade method).

The Advanced Forum Posts Page

You can also see all the posts any student made to all Advanced Forums.


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