How do I restore a course from a previously saved backup in Moodle?

Important: Before Restoring a course, please contact the ATS department since this may restore student data or settings that are not appropriate.

Prepare with the following steps:

  • Login to Moodle using the Mozilla Firefox browser, visit: FAQ ID #1175
  • Confirm that you are in your intended course, visit: FAQ ID #1176

Restore Your Course:

Course backups can be restored to a master course by using the Restore link. On the Restore page, you will find a Restore link next to every course backup. The backup and restore process is a common way of moving or copying specific courses from one Moodle site to another.

  1. Choose Restore from the Administration block.

  2. Locate the backup file you want to restore.

    • Once you have located the file to import, click on Restore.
    Restore backup file

  3. Review the settings, and confirm them by clicking on Continue.

    • Make sure "Include enrolled users" has a "X" next to it.
    Confirm settings

  4. Choose Restore into this Course.
    **Do NOT Replace into an existing course. This runs the risk of overwriting the wrong course.**
    • Delete the contents of this course and then restore will delete the content in the current course and replace it with the features inside the backup course. This is best used if extensive edits were backed up previously.
    • Select Continue.
    Delete course content

  5. Review the restore settings.
    • Then scroll down, and select Next.
    Restore setting options

  6. Course Settings
    • In this area you can select which topics, activities and resources you want to restore. All items are checked, but you can uncheck redundant materials. User data should now read No.
    • Leave "Overwrite course configuration" as "No". Changing this could result in course malfunction.
    • Scroll down, and select Next.
    Course settings

  7. Review your options.
    • Review your choices
    • Scroll down and select Perform Restore

  8. Once your restore is complete, click on Continue to access the newly restored course.

2017-05-23 16:58 Josh Bruck
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