Help, my students can't view their course grades in Moodle?


Please confirm with your students that the they have completed the following steps:

  • The student(s) are logged into Moodle using the Mozilla Firefox browser, share: FAQ ID #1175

  • They have accessed their intended course, share: FAQ ID #1176
  • They understand where to locate the Gradebook for their course and have attempted to access their grades.

Review and Adjust Grades Visible

If your students are unable to view their grades after completing the steps above testing their concern;

  1. Visit your Administration block and select Edit settings.

  2. In Edit course settings, view the Appearance options.
    • Confirm that Show gradebook to students is set to Yes.
    Appearance; show grades

  3. If you have made any necessary changes, click Save changes.

Show gradebook to students

2017-05-22 16:37 Frank Keating
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