A Checklist for Designing Assignments

Below are questions to ask yourself when creating an assignment in Moodle:


Have I...


□     Provided a written description of the assignment (in the syllabus or in a separate document)?

□     Specified the purpose of the assignment?

□     Indicated the intended audience?

□     Articulated the instructions in precise and unambiguous language?

□     Provided and the consequences for missing it?

□     Articulated performance criteria clearly?

□     Indicated the assignment’s point value or percentage of the course grade?

□     Provided students (where appropriate) with models or samples

□     information about the appropriate format and presentation (e.g., page length, typed, cover sheet, bibliography)?  

□     Indicated special instructions, such as a particular citation style or headings?  

□     Specified the due date


2017-05-15 21:57 Josh Bruck
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