How do I view my grades in Moodle?

Prepare with the following steps:

  • Login to Moodle using the Mozilla Firefox browser, visit: FAQ ID #1175
  • Confirm that you are in your intended course, visit: FAQ ID #1176

Accessing Your Grades

  1. Under the:
    1. Navigation block of your course-
    2. Profile menu-

      If the course grades (user report) does not display, contact your instructor. The instructor may have purposely elected to hide the grades from visibility or they simply need to adjust the grade visibility in the course settings.

  2. The User Report is displays the following information regarding your performance in the course:
    • Grade Item, selecting the grade item will take you to the assignment.
    • Grade, per assignment category and overall via the points or grading scale (ex. 10 pts).
    • Range, total set of possible points or or outcomes on the grading scale (ex. 0-10 pts).
    • Percentage, relative to the Grade and Range details.
    • Feedback, comments from the instructor.
    • Scroll to the bottom of the User Report to view the cumulative grade for the course.
    Viewing user grades

  3. Select the Overall Report for a summary of grades in your active courses.



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