How do I create a Glossary activity in Moodle?


Creating a Glossary

    1.  If your course is in topic view, in the section in where you want the page located, select the Add an activity or resource link.
      If your course is in folder view, in the section in where you want the page located, select the Add resource link.
    2. Select Glossary from the menu, then scroll down and click Add.
      Glossary Activity

    3. Type in the Name for the Glossary.
    4. The Description is optional. Students will not see this unless you select Display the description on the course page.

      • Determine glossary type and leave global settings unchecked.
        A main glossary is a glossary in which entries from secondary glossaries can be imported. There can only be one main glossary in a course. if glossary entry import is not required, all glossaries in the course can be secondary glossaries.
    5. Prepare the settings for Entries to specify how you wish for participants to input new items to the glossary.
      Entry settings

    6. Configure how you wish the glossary to appear in your course.
      Appearance settings
      • Pay close attention to Display format as this setting helps to define how students interact and participate in the activity. (Scroll below to view Display format option and view video on glossary).
    7. Choose if the activity will be graded by assigning a grade category and/or rating types to the assignment.
      Entry settings

    8. Review the Common Module Settings; here you may choose how the activity should be visible or not to your students. If you have developed predetermined groups the common module settings will allow you to segment discussions by groups.
      Common Module Settings

    9. Decide if you wish to place conditions or date related restrictions on how the activity becomes available.
      Access restriction

    10. An activity will only be considered complete when ALL conditions are met. Decide if you wish to place conditions or requirements for student participation and activity completion.
      Access restriction

    11. Select the Save and display option.
      Save activity

Glossary Display Formats

There are 7 display formats:

  • Simple, dictionary style - No authors are displayed and attachments are shown as links
  • Continuous without author - Entries are displayed one after another without any separation apart from the editing icons
  • Full with author - A forum-like display format showing the author's data and with attachments shown as links
  • Full without author - A forum-like display format without authors and with attachments shown as links
  • Encyclopedia - As for "Full with author" but attached images are shown inline
  • Entry list - Concepts are listed as links
  • FAQ - The words QUESTION and ANSWER are appended to the concept and definition respectively


View the video below to learn more about:

Creating a Glossary

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