How do I create a Lesson activity in Moodle?


Creating a Lesson Activity

  1. If your course is in topic view, in the section in where you want the page located, select the Add an activity or resource link.
    If your course is in folder view, in the section in where you want the page located, select the Add resource link.
  2. Select Lesson from the menu, then scroll down and click Add.

  3. Type in the name Name for the lesson.
  4. In the Availability section you can determine any time contstraints to the activity.

  5. Select the Grade settings.
  6. In type in the point value for this lesson in the Maximum grade text box. If will be no points for this lesson, then select None in the Type pulldown menu.

  7. Place the Lesson in the proper Grade category using the Grade category pulldown menu.
  8. Continue to establish grade options that best match the requirements of your syllabus.
  9. Control the flow of the lesson.
    Flow control
  10. Review the Common Module Settings, here you may choose how the activity should be visible or not to your students. If you hide this activity, it will be hidden from the students' gradebooks and they will not be able to see how it affects their grades. If you have developed predetermined groups the common module settings will allow you to segment discussions by groups.
    Common Module Settings
  11. Decide if you wish to place conditions or date related restrictions on how the activity becomes available.
    Access restriction
  12. Select the Save and display button.
    Save activity

Adding Content and Question Pages

To learn more about adding lesson content and questions, visit: FAQ #1440

View the video below to learn more about:

Add Lesson Activity and Configure Settings

To view the full screen visit the following page on YouTube.


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