When do the Course Evaluations open and close?

IU utilizes a system called 'Survey Dig' to administer all course evaluations online. Access to your evaluations is available at the appropriate times through the MyIU Portal.

The Open and Close dates for each course are directly related the start and end dates of that course. As a general rule, you can expect all evaluations to follow a schedule like the following:

  • Surveys Open for the students to complete 14 days before the course's end date
    *Both students and faculty are notified in email when the course evaluations become available, and students who have not yet completed the survey are reminded via email several times during the 3 week evaluation period. Emails to students include a link directly to the MyIU portal where they can complete the survey.      
  • Surveys Close 7 days after the course's end date
    *Both students who have not yet completed the surveys and faculty are notified in email when the course evaluations are going to close, and again when they have closed.      
  • Survey Reports with all results are made available to the faculty, chairs, and deans 7 days after the surveys are closed (14 days after the course end date) *Faculty are notified by email of their survey reports and all results are available through the MyIU portal Course Evaluation Block

Please note:

  • instructors are not given access to reports until AFTER the final grades deadline has passed.
  • Students cannot see their grades until they have completed their evaluation, or the evaluations have been closed.
  • Evaluations cannot be deleted or adjusted once submitted.
  • Evaluations cannot be reopened after the survey period has closed.

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