How can I grade an assignment in Moodle?


There are two ways of grading assignments from with the activity.

Grading Assignments on the Grading page.

 Access the assignment and click Grade button.

  1. Access the assignment and click Grade button.
  2. The Submission panel is on the right.
    • You have access to download the submitted assignment by clicking on the title.
    • You can type in the grade of the assignment in the Grade section.
    • You can leave feedback in the Feedback comments text box.
    • You can upload a feedback file in the Feedback files box. (You may have to scroll down to see this box.)
  3. The preview window is on the left.
    • You can add comments directly on the page.
    • This is saved in an annotated PDF that the students can see in the feedback section of their assignment.
  4. If you would like to change the view of the grade window, you may collapse the preview window using the viewing options icons on the bottom right of the page. This will save loading time, but you will not be able to easily preview the assignment.
  5. To save your grade and comments click Save changes at the bottom of the page window.
  6. If you click to the next or previous student, you will be given the option to save the changes you have made to the grade and feedback, or continue without saving.
  7. To return to the course, click on the course link at the top left of the page.


Grading Assignment using the View all submissions button

  1. Access the assignment and select View all submissions.
  2. You can download all of the submitted files by using the Grading action pulldown menu and selecting Download all submission. This open a window to give you the option to download all of the submissions into a zip file.
  3. To download a single submitted assignment, click on the title of that submitted file.
  4. To grade the assignment use the text box in the grade column.
  5. Save the grades and feedback by clicking the Save all quick grading changes button.


This 1¼ minute video presents the Assignment Grading page in Moodle.

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