Adding a Twitter feed to your course in Moodle


Add a Twitter Feed to Your Course:

Inspire your students to participate in real world discussions by sharing a running timeline of relevant links, resources and conversations focused on your content area live on Twitter. You will do this by adding an HTML block with twitter feed capabilities.

  1. Click the Turn editing on button.
  2. On the lower left of the Moodle page, in the pull down menu of the Add a block block, select HTML.
    HTML Block
  3. In a new tab in your browser, choose the Twitter feed/ timeline best suited for your course.
  4. You can embed a timeline for Tweets from an individual user (your Twitter handle?), a user's favorites, Twitter lists, or any search query or #hashtag.
  5. Create a timeline Widget and generate an Embed Code.
  6. To create a timeline you must be signed in to and visit the widgets section of your settings page. From this page you can see a list of the timelines you've configured and create new timelines. Click the Create new button to build a new timeline for your website, choose the type, and complete the fields in the form. Most fields are optional. Once you've saved the timeline a small piece of Embed Code is generated for you to cut and paste into your Moodle Block. This will load the timeline.
    For the full details view the instructions on Twitter's Developer Page on Embedded Timelines
  7. Bo back to your Moodle page.
  8. In the new HTML block click on the edit settings icon.

  9. Name the block.
  10. In the content sction, in the text editor click the Toolbar toggle icon.

  11. Select the HTML editor icon.
  12. Paste the embed code into the HTML source editor.
  13. Click the Update button.
  14. Select save changes.
  15. Several seconds after saving, your Twitter feed should display in the course block.
2017-05-15 21:35 Josh Bruck
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