How do I merge my Moodle rosters/ course sections?

 Merging Rosters

Do not manually enroll students into a course where other students have been registered through the registrar or Banner. Merging rosters is done through a meta-linking process that allows you to manage more that one course from within a single Moodle course.For example, if you are teaching two sections of the same course and there are seven students in each course, you can link the sections together and work in one section.


How to Set Up your Course for a Course Meta Link


  • Open the course to which you want to merge into, go to Administration block > Course administration > Users > Enrollment methods.


  • Click the dropdown menu under the Add method and select Course meta link.



  • In the screen that comes up next, select from the dropdown box the course you wish to bring enrollments from. You can also type in the course name in the search box to refine your selection.
  • If you have created a group for the metalinked participants, you can place all newly meta linked participants into a group using the Add to group pulldown menu.
  • Click Add method.


  • Confirm that the students have been added to the roster of the primary course in the Administration block by going to Users > Enrolled users.

    • In the Enrollment methods column, next to the name of the student, it will say "Course meta link" next to students who have been meta linked into the course. In the parentheses will be the course from where they were metalinked.
    • In the Enrollment methods column, next to the name of the student, the students who have been enrolled through banner will be labeled "Conduit..."
  • Lastly, access the secondary course, edit the course settings and Hide from student visibility.

*Note 1 - A teacher in a course will only be able to choose from courses that they are teachers in elsewhere.

*Note 2 - To add more courses, add another instance of the course meta link.

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