Am I able to manually grade quiz questions?

Yes! Once the student has taken the quiz, you may manually grade each answered question.

  1. Navigate to the quiz in the course.

  2. In the Administration block, click on Manual grading in the Results section.
    Admin block with arrow pointing to results section
  3. Click on the Also show questions that have been graded automatically link.
  4. In the row for the question click update grades.

  5. In the options section sort the order attempts By student first name or By student last name to make it easier to find the student. Click the Change options button to sort.
  6. Make sure you are referring to the correct student. The name will be after the Attempt number.
  7. In the Mark box, enter the new score for that quiz question.

  8. When you are done modifying the grades on this page, click the Save and go to the next page button to finalize your corrections.

2017-05-19 21:40 Josh Bruck
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