How do I use course administration "Reports" in Moodle?


Course Administration Reports

  1. Locate the Admin block and under Course administration select Reports. A series of reports are available for you to access and learn about overall student activity and performance statisitcs in the course.
    Reports menu

  2. Access the reports one-by-one and discover the insights provided. The image below demonstrates a sample from the Activity report. The Activity report includes the number of views each course activity has received from participants; including the last time the activity or resource had been accessed.
    Activity report

  3. Several reports use drop-down menus to elect search criteria and filter the information needed. The image below demonstrates a filter to view student Course participation in a specific forum named Benefits of Moodle.
    Filter reports
  4. The video below will walk you through two types of reports, logs and course participation.
2017-05-11 21:47 Josh Bruck
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