How do I show the letter grades for assignments in the student Gradebook?


Editing Letter Grade Criteria

  1. Locate the Administration block and click Grades.
    admin block with arrow pointing to grades

  2. Click on the Letters tab.
    Letter tab

  3. When on the Letters tab scroll down and select the Edit grade letter llink.
    Letter view

  4. Match the Grade letter settings to the percentage, point, or range that best represents the grading system defined in the syllabus of your course.
    Edit grade letters
  5. When done, click Save changes.
  6. Access the Course grade settings under the Setup tab.
    Grade item settings

  7. In the Grade item settings section use the Grade display type pulldown menu to choose your preference of how you wish to display grades when you and your students access the Gradebook.
  8. Scroll down to the User report section and use the Show letter grades pulldown menu to change the settings to Show letter grades in the user report.

    Show user report
  9. Select Save changes to finalize your grading selection.

Student Gradebook View

The letter grades will be displayed as a column in the student gradebook.

Gradebook grade items

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