How do I create Groupings to assign activities and resources for multiple groups in my Moodle course?

In Moodle, a grouping is a group of groups. You can use a grouping for multiple groups to work together in an activity.


Creating Groupings

  1. Navigate to the Administration block. Under Course administration click Users to open choices then click Groups.
  2. Select the Groupings tab.
  3. Click Create grouping.

  4. Provide the Grouping name and a Grouping description then Save changes.
    Name and Description

  5. The grouping you created will display on a menu of groupings. Select the Show groups in grouping icon and add or remove the groups that help form the grouping which you will use for an activity or resource.

  6. Select the group or groups from the potential members list, and populate the grouping by clicking Add.
    Add/remove grouping
  7. Click Back to groupings to finalize your actions.

View the video below to learn more about:

Using Groups & Groupings

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