How do I mark attendance and view reports?


Marking Attendance

Once the attendance activity has been created and the course sessions have been added you may begin to mark your attendance.


  1. Access the attendance activity, choose the date, and click on the take attendance button for that date.
    (The dates are presented day.month.year E.G. 15.12.16 stand for January 15th, 2016.)

  2. Mark whether the students are (P)resent, (L)ate, (E)xcused, or (A)bsent.
    • You can mark all of the students at the same time by using the Set status for all users.
    • If you are counting this as part of your grade, a point value is associated with each status. You can adjust the point value, or change status types in the Settings tab.
  3. Click Save attendance. You may go back to this attendance date if revision is necessary.

Using an Attendance Block

The easiest way to take attendance is by adding an attendance block to your course and it has a link that will automatically take you to the current session's attendance.

  1. In your course, click Turn editing on.
  2. Scroll to the bottom left of the screen and click on the dropdown menu to select Attendance.

    • The attendance block will be created for you.
    • You can move it up or to the right if you like.
  3. Click Turn editing off.
  4. In the attendance block, select Take attendance to be taken to the attendance for the current date.


Viewing Attendance Reports

  1. Access the attendance activity and select the Report tab.

  2. The tab will give you a report for each session. To see a sum total for each student, scroll to the right. The example in the image below, shows that the students so far have been present 2 times, absent 1, with no lateness or excused absences.



The following video will walk you through the process of setting up attendance in your Moodle course.

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