How to add a True/ False question to a quiz activity?


Entering Quiz Questions

  1. Access the quiz activity that you created, and in the administration block, select Edit quiz.

  2. At the top or bottom of the question list, click Add and then select a new question.

  3. Select the True/False option and click Next to add the question.
    Question type

Using the Question Editor; True/ False

After selecting the type of question you wish to edit or add, use the question editor to prepare questions, images, answers, grading options and additional settings.

For True/ False Questions:

  • Enter the True or False statement into the HTML editor.
  • Determine grade details and specify feedback responses.
  • Elect whether True or False is the correct answer.

View the video below to learn more about:

Creating a True/ False Question

To view the full screen visit the following page on YouTube.


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