What are MASTER Course Shells?

Moodle MASTER shells are used as templates to prepare the course materials in advance of the course actually running.

At Immaculata we have several types of MASTER shells:
Official University 'Managed' MASTER – all course materials are pre-developed in a standardized and approved format and the course is managed centrally; All course content is automatically imported into new sections in Moodle without any work on the part of the instructor.
NOTE - for more info on the 'Managed MASTERS' Please see FAQ #1466

Approved Department 'Managed' MASTER – the CORE materials approved by the department are loaded here and automated to the live sections, but it is not a 'complete' course. Each instructor maintains his or her own personal MASTER with his or her own unique content and needs to import their own materials to live shells to be used in conjunction with the standardized content.
NOTE - for more info on the 'Managed MASTERS' Please see FAQ #1466

Individual Personal MASTER – materials that are unique to the instructor are prepared and managed by the instructor. The instructor is responsible for making updates and overall maintenance of their own teaching material. These shells are used by only the instructor listed as owner, and materials must be manually imported by the instructor into their own live sections – these cannot be automated.

Shared MASTER – this is a personal master that has several instructors collaborating and using the same content, but has not quite been approved as the departmental MASTER, so nothing is automated. Each instructor in the shared MASTER can import the materials to their own sections as needed.

Course Content From MASTER to Live Shell

If an Official University MASTER or an Approved Department MASTER exists – the content is automatically populated into the live course shells 21 days prior to the course start date. Individual instructors can import materials from their own personal MASTER or shared MASTER into the live course shells as soon as their live shells are generated.

For individual or shared personal MASTERS, the faculty will need to use the IMPORT process to copy content from the MASTER into the live course sections. Please see: FAQ #246


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