How do I use the Shure wireless system with Echo360

Setting up and syncing the wireless mic system


Install Batteries

Power up the FP5 Receiver

Scan for open frequencies

Channel scan: Press the scan button on the receiver. The receiver switches to a new channel in the same group.
Group scan: Press and hold the scan button for 3 seconds. Receiver finds a new group and selects an open channel in that group.

Power up the Transmitter

Sync transmitter and receiver

Align the transmitter and receiver infrared (IR) ports and press the sync button. 

After a successful sync, the transmitter LED momentarily flashes and  the blue RF LED illuminates.


Connecting Wireless System to Computer

Use the Shure connector to male XLR cable to connect the FP5 receiver to the X2u audio interface.  Then connect the USB cable from the X2u to the computer.


Setting in Echo360 Personal Capture

In Echo360 Personal Capture, you will need to make sure Echo has the Shure X2u selected as the microphone (Shure Digital). No webcam is needed, just the primary display and microphone.


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