How do I share a video I have on my Google Drive in my course?

To share a video that is on another website, you can either post a link or embed the video onto the page.

If you post a link, people can click on it and be sent to the video.

If you embed the video, they can see and play see the video on the page they are on.

Getting the embed code from Google.

  1. In your Google Drive, single-click on the video you want to share then click on the Get shareable link icon.

  2. Double click on the video you want to share. It will play in full window mode.
  3. Click on the More actions icon, it looks like three dots, and then select Open in new window.

  4. Click on the More actions icon again, and then select Embed item.

  5. Copy the embed code text in the Paste HTML to embed in website window. Click OK.
    (If you see a message on the Embed item window that says "Only the owner and explicitly shared collaborators have access," start over at step one.)


Placing the embed code in an activity

  1. Go to the activity where you want to embed the video and go to where you will be inputting text.
  2. If you do not see the Text Editor Toolbar, click Use advanced editor.

  3. Expand the Text Editor Toolbar by clicking on the Toolbar Toggle icon, then click on the Edit HTML source icon.

  4. The HTML source editor window will open.
  5. Paste the embed code text in the HTML source editor window and then click the Update button on the window.
  6. Then video will be embedded on the screen.
  7. You will need to Post or Submit your activity to save it to Moodle.
2017-05-25 15:52 Josh
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