My students can't post to a forum. How do I use the Q&A forum correctly?


When using the Q & A Forum format, make sure to post the questions as individual topics, not solely in the forum description. The instructor must post a question before the students are able to respond. Add a topic by entering the  forum and selecting Add a question. Edit the topic/ question for students to respond to.


As a student if you seem to be having trouble viewing other conversations, it may be because you started a new discussion topic instead of selecting and sharing your Reply to the original topic.

1. To quickly fix this, the student should copy their response and leave the forum.
2. Return to the discussion forum and click Reply to the appropriate topic.

The misposted conversation will then be unlocked after the 30 minute editing window. At that point the conversation may be edited and removed by the student or instructor.

2017-05-19 20:32 Josh Bruck
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