How do I allow students to submit and be graded as a group to an assignment?


Allowing Group Submissions

  1. Go to the settings of an assignment.
    • Click the Turn editing on button.
    • Click the Settings icon next to an assignment.

    • Select the assignments.
    • In the Administration block under Assignment settings, select Edit settings.

  2. Determine the Group Submission settings. Select Yes to require students to submit in groups.
    Submit in groups
    • The settings in the image permit one group member to submit on behalf of all members of the group.
    • Grading the submission will apply to all members of the group.
    • If you "Require all members to submit", each member of the group selects "submit" to approve the group submission for grading.

  3. Scroll and expand the section for Common Module Settings and confirm that the assignment is Visible by selecting Show.
    Common Module Settings

  4. Select the apppropriate Save setting.
    Save assignment

Grading Group Submissions and Sharing Feedback

  1. When viewing the assignment submissions to grade and provide feedback, click on the Grading Icon of a group member. On this page the group name, submission status, attachments and responses may be reviewed for grading.

  2. Scroll down to enter the grade and provide instructor feedback. By default, the grade and feedback that you enter will apply for ALL the members of the group.
    • If necessary, you may edit the Group Submission Settings to allow for grading the individual member instead of the entire group.

  3. Save changes.
2017-05-16 16:07 Joshua Bruck
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