How do I edit and add a content or question page using the Lesson activity in Moodle?


Lesson Content Pages

  1. Once you have completed the Lesson set-up you are ready to add content. Select the activity and from the menu choose Add a content page.

    Add a content page

  2. Design the content page by providing a Page title and edit the contents of the page in your lesson using the HTML editor. Continue to decide how you would like buttons to display on the page.

    Create lesson page

  3. The content sections are the navigation buttons for the page you are creating.
    • Under the Content 1, in the description box, add text to the navigation button on that lesson page.
    • Use the Jump pulldown menu to decide where the user of that page will go after clicking the button on the page.

      (Will they go to the previous,next, random, or other specific page? That is up to you. )Note: You can continue to create as many navigational buttons as needed.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save page.
    wiki overview page
  5. Repeat steps to continue to add content or question pages. Delete, edit, and move pages by using the Edit tab.
    Add edit delete content

Adding A Question Page to a Lesson

Remember that questions in the Lesson, may caount as part of your students' grades. Make sure that you have the settings reflect whether or not this activity is graded, and, that the points available are all accounted for in the lesson.

Ex. Multiple Choice Question

  1. If you are using the Collapsed view, you will use the pulldown menu under Actions. If you are using the Expanded view, you will see a link. Choose Add a question page or Question from the drop down menu.

  2. Choose the type of question and select Add a question page (Essay, Multiple Choice, Matching, etc...).
    Add a question page

  3. Name your page and edit the contents of the page, include any questions and images for students to view.
    Edit question content

  4. Type each Answer choice and edit a reply Response, if you choose. Use the Score and Jump settings to branch students to either review content, retry the question, or advance through the lesson.
    edit answers

    Note:  Each answer (for questions) or description (for content pages) has a corresponding jump. The jump can be relative, such as this page or next page, or absolute, specifying any one of the pages in the lesson.

  5. Once you have typed in all of your choices, click Save page.
    wiki overview page

View the video below to learn more about:

Adding Content and Question Pages to a Lesson

To view the full screen visit the following page on YouTube.


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