How do I send a message directly to a student or a select group of students in my class?

Prepare with the following steps:

  • Login to Moodle using the Mozilla Firefox browser, visit: FAQ ID #1175
  • Confirm that you are in your intended course, visit: FAQ ID #1176

Sending Messages

  1. In your Current course, on the Navigation block, visit the sub-category Participants. A list of all the participants in your class will then display.

  2. Locate the student(s) you wish to message. The Current role filter can be used to help you quickly locate your students.
    View participants

  3. Identify your recipients by checking the box under the "Select" column to the left of your recipient's name.
    Select participants

  4. From the drop-down menu, at the bottom of the page, select Send a message.
    With slected users; send message

  5. Type your message into the text box provided, and click Preview.
    Edit message

  6. Select Send message, or Update if changes are needed.

Messages, Notes, Common Notes

Send message

  • For sending a message to one or more participants

Add a new note

  • For adding a note to a selected participant

Add a common note

  • For adding the same note to more than one participant

Extend enrollment (individual)

  • For extending a selected student's access to the course, even when an enrollment period is set

Extend enrollment (common)

  • For extending more than one student's access to the course by the same amount
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