How do I create matching quiz questions in Moodle?


Entering Quiz Questions

  1. In the course where you want the question, in the Administration block select Question bank.
    Administration Block with arrow pointing to question bank.
  2. In the Select a category pulldown menu, select the category where the question will be placed.
  3. Click the Create a new question button.

  4. Select the type of question to add. In this case choose Matching.
    Question type

Adding a Matching Question

After selecting the type of question you wish to edit or add, use the question editor to prepare options questions, images, answers, grading options and additional settings.

  1. Enter the question name and text. Select the question category. The question name is for instructor and developer reference. The students will not see this during the quiz.
    Multiple Choice Question

  2. You may add General feedback for the student after they have attempted the question. The same general feedback text is shown to all students. Continue to select options regarding multiple answers, order, and labeling of the choices.
    General feedback

  3. Edit and customize your matching pairs.

  4. Address whether you would like to allow for multiple attempts at the question. You may also establish a penalty based on percentage for each incorrect attempt.Settings for multiple tries

  5. You may also provide a maximum of 3 hints. They will display after the incorrect answer is displayed.

  6. Continue to review optional features and select Save changes when complete.
  7. You will now be able to place the question into a quiz.

Placing questions into a quiz.

This 3½ minute video walks you through the process of placing questions into your quiz.


View the video below to learn more about:

Matching Quiz Activity

To view the full screen visit the following page on YouTube.


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