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Moodle Summer 2017 Upgrade

Our Moodle system has been upgraded! Here are some features:

Upgrade to Moodle Core 3.2.3

  • Boost Theme
  • New Media Players
  • LTI 2 Compliance
  • Improved Messaging and Alerts
  • Course End Dates
  • Forum Locking
  • Assignment Overrides

Mahara 16.10 Upgrade

  • SmartEvidence
  • Mahara Mobile
  • New media file formats
  • Administrative updates

Activity Data Web Services

Plugin Upgrades

  • Attendance
  • Quizzes
  • H5P
  • Level Up
  • Hotpot

For more information, please visit the Moodlerooms release overview page or the full release notes

More information: Release Notes
2017-07-20 15:54

Moodle Winter 2016/17

System Upgrade Highlights:

  • Upgrade to Mahara 16.04
  • Competency-based education framework (CBE)
    (See overview: ) Standards or competencies can be imported then assigned to courses and activities. Competencies can be marked as completed by an instructor for a student or through a new setting in activities that marks a competency as being met once the student meets the completion requirements. Students and teachers can also track student progress against standards at the course level.
  • Learning Plan Templates (to use in conjunction with CBE Framework)
  • Stabilization of Moodle Mobile integration
  • Assignment enhancements
  • Completion tracking enhancements
  • Advanced Forum enhancements
  • New Recycle bin feature
  • LTI Publishing

Plugin Integrations – Installed and tested new plugins:

  • Level Up! Block 
  • Mindmap    
  • Select missing words (gap select)
  • Checklist Activity
  • Checklist Block
  • H5P Interactive module builder toolset
2017-03-27 22:26

Moodle December 2015 Updates!

Moodle Logo

On December 29, 2015 Immaculata University successfully completed an upgrade to the version Moodle 2.9 by Moodlerooms.

Listed below are the essential updates of the recent implementation.

All system users

Improved User Interface

  • My home has been renamed to Dashboard, while retaining its full functionality as before.
  • Access an overview of grades in all courses via a Grades link in the User menu (top right of each page).
  • The user menu also links directly to an improved Profile page and brand new single page for customizing all Preferences for using the LMS.
For instructors

Activity enhancements

  • Lesson - Allows for user and group overrides to account for accessibility needs such as providing extended time for subset of students. The essay grading interface has been modified and more completion settings were added.
  • Quizzes can now have section headings and questions can be shuffled on different pages. It is possible to require that a particular question be answered before a subsequent one may be accessed.
  • Activity results can be displayed in a block for your class to resemble a leader board.

More information: Moodle 2.8 New Features Guide
2015-12-29 23:49

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