I cannot see my course in Moodle!

There may be a number of reasons for not seeing a course in Moodle depending on the academic program that you are presently enrolled and attending. Before pursuing an answer related to your academic program, please begin verifying and following the steps below listed under prepare.


  • Login to Moodle using the Mozilla Firefox browser, visit: FAQ ID #1175
  • Find your course, visit: FAQ ID #1176
  • Continue to the section that best describes your program at Immaculata.

For ACCEL students

1. The course module (or "Learner Guide") should be available approximately 10 days before the start of the class.
2. See the ACCEL Program group in Moodle.

For more information see: How do I get my ACCEL Learner Guide from Moodle?

For CUS/ CE/ CGS students

  • Not all faculty choose to utilize the Moodle system for all courses.
  • Those who do use the system may not choose to activate courses until they have uploaded all their materials.

Contact your instructor to ask when the course will be made available to you, and find out how the Moodle system is intended to be used for your individual course.

If continue to experience technical issues contact the OTS Helpdesk by submitting the Helpdesk Request Form or by phone via x1234.

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