What am I looking at in my course? I am new here.

Basic Course Elements:

While your screen may use a different color scheme, the structure of your course will be the same.


breadcrumbs, blocks, topics


  1. Breadcrumbs (Navigation Bar):
    • Breadcrumbs are a pathway of links to pages at the top left of your Moodle course that you accessed in order to visit your current web page in Moodle.
    • The Breadcrumbs serve as an easy resource to navigate backwards to previously viewed menus.

  2. Course Content:
    • The central column of the main course page is divided into sections or "Topics" where you may access course specific content, activities and resources.

  3. Blocks:
    • The right and left columns of a Moodle page contain "Blocks".
    • The Navigation and Administration blocks are the basic requirements for course.
    • Additional blocks can be rearranged with in the sidebar area and share additional course information and resource applications, ex. Calendar, Feedback, Twitter Feed etc...

View the video below to learn more about:

Navigating Courses

To view the full screen visit the following page on YouTube.


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