How do I moderate a Collaborate session?

As the moderator you can also lead the Collaborate session. You will also have the ability to control how all content is shared in the Collaborate platform. You also control the roles that other participants can have during a Collaborate session.

The moderator can determine if participants can:

  • Share audio
  • Share video
  • Post chat messages
  • Draw on the whiteboard and files

The Collaborate Panel

The Moderator will run the session using the Collaborate panel and the Session menu.

The Collaborate panel gives you the ability to see who has joined your session. Once the participants join the session, the you should welcome them using the chat feature also found in the Collaborate panel. The moderator or presenter can share content, uploaded to Collaborate, have participants view an application on your computer, poll participants, or present using the Collaborate white board. 

  • The Collaborate panel allows you to:
  • Access settings [link here]
  • See participant list [link here]
  • Share content [link here]
  • Chat [link here]

Access the Collaborate panel by clicking the Collaborate panel icon.

Collaborate panel icon location


 Collaborate screen after opening Collaborate panel

More details on the features available in the on the Collaborate panel tools can be found here:

The Session Menu

The Session menu gives you access to the technical options of each session.

These include the ability to record sessions, set up a session so participants can call on their phone, and access Collaborate help.

Access the Session menu by clicking the Session menu icon.

Session menu location


More details on the features available in the on the Session menu can be found here:

Permitting Participant Content Sharing

In order for participants to be able to share audio, and video, post chat messages, and  draw on whiteboards and files, the moderator set the proper permissions.

  1. Click the Collaborate panel icon.
  2. Click the My settings icon.
  3. Click on the Session Settings category.
  4. Select the Participant permissions you would like available.


This video presents an tour of Collaborate.

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