How do I edit and add an entry into a glossary in my Moodle course?


Adding a Glossary Entry

  1. Navigate to the glossary that you wish to contribute to and select Add a new entry.

    Add glossary entry

  2. Edit the Concept (glossary term) and prepare the definition for others to see.

    Glossary entry name and defnitinon

  3. Input useful Keywords to help others search the glossary for your glossary term.
    Glossary key words

  4. You may also add Attachment(s) to your glossary entry.
    Add attachments

  5. Select any auto-linking options for your glossary entry. By activiating the auto-linking settings you are able to make your glossary item available via hyperlink wherever the word is written throughout your course.
    Auto linking terms

  6. When finished, save your edits.

View the video below to learn more about:

The Glossary Module

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