How do I tell when someone posts in a moodle forum?

Tracking Activity in Forums

Forum Tracking (active by default) keeps you informed when someone posts new comments to a discussion that you are participating in. The Forum Tracking options are found in My profile settings.

  1. Click on your user name or profile picture and select the option Preferences.
  2. In the User account section, click on the link Forum preferences.
  3. Forum tracking, then select your tracking preference.Forum tracking

  4. Click the Save changes button to finalize your decision.

  5. Now you will have an unread post highlighted on the front page.
    Unread post
    - This is also noted in the forum front page.
    Unread posts
    - The post itself will be highlighted.
    New post highlighted
2017-05-22 20:43 Josh Bruck
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