How do I edit and add a new page in a wiki?


Adding Pages in a Wiki

  1. Navigate to the wiki and the page that you wish to contribute and link to. Select the Edit tab to modify the page contents.

    Overview page in edit mode

  2. Create a new wiki page directly in the page editor by typing the name/title of the new page. Surround the "title" with double brackets [[title]]. The double brackets will initiate a new wiki page and activate a link (in red below) to the newly established page.

    wiki overview page

  3. In the image above [[SPSS]] has created a new wiki page titled "SPSS". Click the page name to access the new page and select "Edit this page" to continue designing your wiki contribution.

  4. When finished, click the Save button to finalize your edits. When you click on the Save button, you will be sent to the View tab of the wiki.

View the video below to learn more about:

Adding New Pages to a Wiki

2017-05-19 20:34 Josh Bruck
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