How do I create and/ or edit a question using a Question Bank in Moodle?


Access the Question Bank

  1. Access the question bank for your course or master shell by visiting the Administration block and selecting Question bank. If you do not have a question bank in your settings, create a quiz activity and the Question Bank tool will become available.

  2. Select Questions to view a list of current questions organized by category and to access the buttons/icons of tools to create and edit questions.
    Enter quiz bank


Create a New Question

  1. Click on the Create a new question button to begin adding a new item to the Question Bank.
    Add question

  2. Select the type of question to add and click Next.
    Question type

  3. Once the question type has been selected, scroll down for directions on how to Use the Question Editor section of this FAQ.


Locate and Edit a Question

  1. Search for and access questions available using the Select category filter.
    Filter for questions

  2. Alter a previously created question by locating the item and selecting the corresponding action icons;
    edit, preview, move, and delete (highlighted icons from left to right). Add question

  3. If you choose to edit the question you will be brought to view the question editor as demonstrated below.

Using the Question Editor

After selecting the type of question you wish to edit or add, use the question editor to prepare options questions, images, answers, grading options and additional settings.

Here's an example: Adding Multiple Choice

  1. Enter question in the text are and select the name and grade category.
    Multiple Choice Question

  2. You may add General feedback for the student after they have attempted the question. The same general feedback text is shown to all students.
    General feedback

  3. Edit and customize your answers including the grade for each answer. You may provide feedback to the student for incorrect or correct answers.
    Enter answer choices

  4. Continue to address whether you would like to allow for multiple attempts at the question. You may also establish a penalty based on percentage for each incorrect attempt.

    Settings for multiple tries

  5. You may also provide a maximum of 3 hints. They will display after the incorrect answer is displayed.

  6. Continue to review optional features, and select Save changes when complete.


This 4-minute video presents adding questions to the quiz bank.

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