HDMI Adapters in Classrooms

HDMI Adapter Ring



The interface is primarily used to connect a video source (PC) to a display device.


Mini-DisplayPort / Thunderbolt

This interface supports Thunderbolt (Mac)/Mini Displayport (PC) to HDMI.


DVI-D Single Link

This Digital only connection supports digital only displays with screen - no audio.


Mini "C" HDMI

This "mini" connector was developed to accommodate the need for a smaller HDMI connector in portable equipment.


Micro "D" HDMI

The newest member of the HDMI connector family allows HD video connectivity for cell phones and other smaller electronic devices.


NOTE - Please supply your own adapter for any Apple products. iPad, iPhone, and MacBook connections are specific to Apple and the adapters provided here are not guaranteed to work with those proprietary devices.

2017-05-18 21:24 Frank Keating
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