How do I use Sibelius?

Sibelius 6

The “Learn Sibelius in 1 Hour” video series will help you use Sibelius 6 for your classes, both as a teacher and a student. They will take you through setting up your score sheet, the different ways to enter notation, and some additional tips to help utilize the software.

**The following Sibelius 6 Training videos use a .pdf of the score as a reference. Please follow this link to download.


Youtube Episodes:

  1. Setting up a Score
    • This will assist you in choosing paper, instruments, time signature, key, and tempo.
  2. How to Move Around your Score
    • This will show you the different methods for navigating your score including the navigator tool, and panoramic view.
  3. Mouse Entry
    • This lesson will take you through basic note entry that is as simple as using a pen and paper. **This method, for future reference, is also known as step editing/entry or non-linear entry, when using other software.
  4. Articulation & Repeat
    • This lesson adds some additional tips while using in a non-linear method of note entry.
  5. Flextime Input with Keyboard
    • Flextime input allows you to play your score directly into Sibelius linear entry or real-time recording.
  6. Step Time Entry
    • This is a linear style of step editing that uses the piano.
  7.  Alphabetic Note Entry
    • A step editing method that utelizes the computer.
  8. Dynamics and Copying
  9. Dynamic Parts
  10.  The Ideas Hub
    • This is a useful tool for storing and recalling parts from other pieces that you have worked on.
  11. Versions
  12. Sharing your Sibelius Scores


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