Where can I find open student labs?

Immaculata offers a number of computer labs open for student and faculty use:

  • PC Lab Gabriele Library
    • PCs available on all 3 floors.
    • A scanner is can be found on the third floor near the windows.
    • The ImmacuLatte Cafe offers 2 computers and a printer for early-morning printing.
    • PCs installed with the Adobe Creative Cloud access are noted with a sticker throughout the building.
  • PC Lab Loyola Hall 3
    • Offers general PC use and Black and White printing.
  • Foreign Language Lab Good Counsel 31
    • In addition to the standard PC lab, this room offers equipment for audio pronunciation/ comprehension in language learning using Sony's Soloist software.
  • Mac Lab Loyola Hall 318
    • A Mac only lab situated near the Art Department. The color printer in the room is exclusively available for members students of the Art Department.
  • Music Lab Good Counsel 29
    • This lab offers students access to professional recording and musical notation software. The lab primarily supports students of the Music Department.
2017-05-18 19:35 Frank Keating
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