How do I edit and update my faculty bio in my IU Online course in Moodle?

Online Bio

The faculty introduction in your course is a Moodle Page resource. This page may be edited over time as your bio information does change. View the following instructions for editing a Page resource in Moodle, so you may learn how to update your bio.


Editing a Page

(ex. Faculty Introduction)

  1. Click the Turn editing on button.
  2. Next to the Page resource you wish to edit and select the Edit settings icon.


  3. Access the Page content section of edit settings form.

    Page content

  4. Edit and design your page with content, including text, images, video etc.... Use the HTML editor to organize your content. The information you provide will appear when students access the page resource in their course.

  5. Scroll to the bottom and select Save to keep your updates.

View the video below to learn more about:

Your Meet Your Instructor Page. (1 minute video.)

Adding a Page to Your Course


To view the full screen visit the following page on YouTube.


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