Can I allow students to resubmit or delete an assignment in my Moodle course?


Permit the Resubmission of an Assignment

  1. Locate the assignment in your course and click on it.

  2. Click on View all submissions.

  3. To allow for the resubmission of an assignment, the instructor must revert the submission to draft status:
    • Using the checkbox next to each student's name, select the student(s) that will have their assignment(s) reverted to draft status.
    • In the With selected... drop down box, select Revert the submission to draft status.
    • Click the Go button to finalize your action.


Student Instructions for Resubmission

  • Share with your students the following link to direct them on how to resubmit their assignment, visit: FAQ ID #1391
2017-05-23 16:25 Josh Bruck
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